Summer 2010 Update

04:32 Saturday, 17 July 2010

What a summer 2010 is turning out to be. The highlights so far have been The Glastonbury Festival and The Rafters Revival at the Band on the wall.

What can i say Glasto's special moments were George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, The Orb and Dj Sasha, and oh the heat. It was so hot, can't wait for next year.

Hewan, Colin and Mike rocked Band on the wall with a feast of classics from the days of Rafters, the Reno and the legendary all dayers. The next one should be very special.

Summer Dreams at Cheshire Lounge continues to rock with Hewan doing the deck duties

Coming up for the Doctor will be appearances at the Big Chill and Beautiful Days festivals. Listen to our radio show the Blue Note Lounge or come back to our blog for more details.

H & D


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